Tay Netoff

Associate Professor

Contact Information

Office: 6-122 Nils Hasselmo Hall
Phone: 612-625-3618
Email: tnetoff@umn.edu


  • B.A. Psychology, U.C. Berkeley, 1994
  • Ph.D. Neuroscience, George Washington University, 2001
  • Postdoctoral Fellow, Center for BioDynamics, Boston University, 2001-2006

Research Interests

  • Calcium Dye Imaging of Epileptiform Activity
  • Phase Response Curves
  • Mechanisms of Anti-Epileptic Drugs

Honors and Awards

  • 2010 Epilepsy Foundation Grant
  • 2010 NSF Career Award

Selected Publications

  • Park, Netoff and Parhi."Seizure Classification Using SVM." Epilesia. Jan. 2011.
  • Stigen, Danzl, Moehlis, and Netoff. "Controlling Spike Timing and Synchrony in Oscillatory Neurons."Journal of Neurphysiology. 2011.
  • Ermentrout, Beverlin, Troyer, and Netoff. "The variance of phase-resetting curves." Journal of Computational Neuroscience. 2011.
  • Miranda-Dominguez, Gonier, and Netoff. "Firing rate control of a neuron using a linear proportional-integral controller." Journal of Neural Engineering. 2010.
  • Zhao, Wang, Netoff, Yuan. "Dendritic mechanisms controlling the threshold and timing requirement of synaptic plasticity." Hippocampus. 2010.
  • Parent, Wang, Netoff, Yuan. "Identification of the hippocampal input to medial prefrontal cortex in vitro." Cerebral Cortex. 2010.
  • Ott, Matthiesen, Goh, Black, Kren, Netoff, and Taylor. "Perfusion-decellularized matrix: using nature's platform to engineer a bioartificial heart." Nature Medicine. 2008.
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