Setting up Dyanmic clamp for PRC

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Connector Panel

connections output -> input


   Rp -> PRC: Rp
   NI PCIe-6251 -> Analog Output 1

NI PCIe-6251:

   Analog Input2 -> PRC: Cell Vm
   Analog Input2 -> PSG: Vm
   Analog Input2 -> SpikeDetector: Vm
   Analog Input2 -> H Conductance: Vm
   Analog Input3 -> PRC: Cell IApp


   ISI -> PRC: Target ISI
   Iapp -> NI PCIe-6251: Analog Output 1


   Stim State -> PSG: state

H Conductance:

   something -> ICell: V
   Iout -> NI PCIe-6251: Analog Output1

Matlab commands

Data = DataLoad(filename, 13); plotPRC(Data, 0.1, [], 0)

  • 0.1 = ISI
  • 0 = Reverse Potential

Changes you should make when you patch a real neuron:

  • Adjust maxDeltaI under SpikeRateController accordingly.
  • Run the phase resonse curve, take matlab and plot it, and if it's too flat or too strong, change PSG scalar under PSG ~= 1. if too small, make it larger, and vice versa.
  • Ih ~= 2 nano Siemens under H Conductance



su - root cd rtxi rtxi

To stimulate a neuron 1. unpause the spike rate controller - max delta: how fast/slow spike rate changes

2. 17 istep (current step)

  if you don't want to save, but just want to observe, put in 0 for Acquire?. Otherwise, put in 1.
  find the right range for a neuron to fire.

3. PRC - put in a name for the file: date_PRC_number ex) Jul27_PRC_C89_01

  Then unpause and let it run for a few minutes.
  Once you decide you have enough data, pause again.
  If the neuron fires pretty periodically but the phase response curve is flat, then increase PSGScalar (double it until you get a nice curve; 10 is hitting the neuron really hard. We don't want to hammer neurons. We just want to influence them; either 1,2,5, or 10).

4. go to MATLAB

  addpath /usr/src/rtxi/models/NetoffModels/PRC
  ls /usr/src/rtxi/models/NetoffModels/PRC - there are some .m files
  cd rtxi/Data
  cd ICell
  A = DataLoad('file name.prc',13);
  plotPRC(A,0.1,[],0); % you can look up plotPRC.m. If you have data, it will pop up a graph, etc.

Once PRC is saved and all, then turn on H Conductance and run the PRC again with an H in the file name. When H Conductance is unpaused and the neuron fires like crazy, then Ih is too big. If nothing happens, then Ih is too small.

Record the data for 3 to 5 minutes.

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