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The Netoff lab has generated its own electronic notebook for tracking experiments and sharing data.

This database has a web interface using php code we wrote ourselves. It is fairly rudimentary, and is designed to suit our needs, but we are happy to share it with anyone else. It is based on php and a MySQL database.

There are two .php files and a database file for installing the structure on the MySQL database.

Here are instructions for installing it:

  1. Install an Apache webserver.
  2. On the host machine, get a static or manual IP address assigned to it from your IT department. Get a name associated with it. My server is named neuralnetoff.umn.edu
  3. Install [PHP http://www.php.net], you may also need to install AJAX.
  4. Install MySQL database
  5. Place the php files that we sent you into the htdocs directory of the apache install.
  6. Install the .sql file in the sql database (I'll have to get you more detailed instructions on that
  7. Edit the php files replacing anything that says neuralnetoff.umn.edu with your webserver and location of your data files.
  8. Make users in the MySql database and give them read and write privileges to the notebook database (I might need to give you more instructions on this step too.
  9. In the notebook database, open the user table and insert users with the same names as the MySQL users you added.
  10. Go to <your server>/notebook.php and try logging in and creating an experiment
  11. Go to <your server>/showexperiments.php and see if your experiment shows up.
  12. put in a .jpg file somewhere on your server and use edit note to link the figure into the notes.
  13. I can send you some code to use matlab to access the database and insert .jpgs directly from analysis, but that is another set of instructions.
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