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The Dynamic Clamp protocol, developed by Sharp et. al. (J. Neurophysiol. 69, 992-995, 1993) allows "insertion" of simulated membrane conductances in, and/or simulated synapses between biological neurons.The dynamic clamp uses computer simulation to introduce artificial membrane or synaptic conductances into biological neurons and to create hybrid circuits of real and model neurons. In the ten years since it was first developed, the dynamic clamp has become a widely used tool for the study of neural systems at the cellular and circuit levels. This review describes recent state-of-the-art implementations of the dynamic clamp and summarizes insights gained through its use, ranging from the role of voltage-dependent conductances in shaping neuronal activity to the effects of synaptic dynamics on network behavior and the impact of in vivo-like input on neuronal information processing.

The dynamic clamp is a novel method that uses computer simulation to introduce conductances into biological neurons. This method can be used to study the role of various conductances in shaping the activity of single neurons, or neurons within networks. The dynamic clamp can also be used to form circuits from previously unconnected neurons. This approach makes computer simulation an interactive experimental tool, and will be useful in many applications where the role of synaptic strengths and intrinsic properties in neuronal and network dynamics is of interest.

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