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To facilitate data analysis and backing up data, we have written many scripts.

Sending imaging files to be processed using ICA

These files will be transfered to the SVDL cluster to analyze. The script to transfer the data and start the analysis can be run under Cygwin. Type cygwin>sh <Data Directory> Where <Data Directory is the relative path of the Data in C:\Data

This will copy the raw data to the data analysis machines, start the data analyzing and copy the data to neuralnetoff for backup When the data has been analyzed, matlab will mark the data as analyzed in the database.

Retrieving analysis results and putting them on neuralnetoff

To compile all the files into a single directory on neuralnetoff for backup, log into SVDL (i.e. and run the command l5>sh <Data Directory> <Data Directory> will be the same directory name as used before.

== Marking files as backed up. Once all the data files and analysis files are compiled into a directory on neuralnetoff, burn them to a DVD. When the DVD has been burned, run the following script at a CMD prompt: perl <Data Directory> <filter> This will return a list of all files that found a match to the database and tell you what DVD number to use. Mark the DVD with the number for easy reference of data.

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