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Order controlled Substances from Boynton pharmacy: You will need to be in the signature log to submit and accept CS's from Boynton. Only Unit Registrants and Authorized Users may use controlled substances in the lab.

  • On the Minneapolis campus, Boynton Pharmacy will obtain, and often stocks, the controlled substances commonly used in animal research.
  • To pick up controlled substances, both campus pharmacies require a copy of the DEA registration, the Authorized Users Signature Log and photo identification.

When picking up controlled substances from the pharmacy, or if controlled substances are shipped to the lab, ensure they are processed as soon as possible, by:

  • Recording receipt of substances in the disposition record
  • Locking controlled substances in the safe immediately
  • Initialing and dating purchase receipt
  • Providing a copy for Unit Registrant’s records
  • Filing the purchase records with laboratory controlled substances records

All personnel performing any research activity with controlled substances must sign the Authorized Users Signature Log All containers of controlled substances must be properly labeled

The label on diluted or combined controlled substances that will be stored at least overnight in the safe must include the following information:

  • Name of controlled substance
  • Schedule of drug
  • Lot number
  • Final strength or concentration of controlled substance
  • Volume or amount of substance per container
  • Date of dilution and initials/expiration date no more than 30 days after dilution

The Controlled Substances Disposition Record form contains all the required elements from the DEA regulations, which are included at the top and bottom of the form:

  • Name of controlled substance
  • Concentration or strength
  • Form or type
  • Amount per container
  • Unit (DEA) Registrant’s name
  • Lab location
  • Sequential page numbers

University policy requires that each Location using controlled substances for research must complete an inventory every two years. The Controlled Substances Inventory Record contains the required elements from the DEA regulations. The important requirements for taking an inventory are:

  • According to University policy, an inventory must be conducted at least once every two years.
  • The Unit Registrant files the original inventory with the Location records.

DEA regulations require reporting the loss of controlled substances. DEA Form 106 Report of Theft or Loss of Controlled Substances must be used to file this online report. Prior to filing DEA Form 106

If there is an obvious or suspected break-in to your safe or other diversion of controlled substances, immediately contact the University Police at 612-624-COPS in the Twin Cities and the local police on other campuses.

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